I wrote about this Astrophytum ovatum and some of my other astrophytums back on July 19, 2013, when they were younger. This one has been putting on a show all summer. I suspect this will be the last bloom for this year.


There are many varieties of astrophytum; this one happens to be the largest of the bunch and is easy to grow. Astrophytums are native to the Central Plateau area of Mexico and are more heavily spined than the others.

You can see a bit of wool around the areoles where the spines are located as well as in the little rough spots that make a pattern along the body of the plant.


Depending on what time of day the bud opens, the flower will reopen the next day, so I get to enjoy the flower a bit longer than some.


If you don’t have an astrophytum, this is the one you need to add to your collection.


I can see one more bud under this flower. So who knows? Even though the plant has been moved in for the winter, I might get one more spot of yellow.