Mammillaria Elongata

Mammillaria elongata makes a small flower, but is an interesting cactus, making a clump of elongated fingers, if you will, like this young plant. Another bud is just showing to the upper right of this bloom.

Rebutia Miniscula

  Rebutia miniscula, as the name implies, is not a large cactus, but it delivers a nice bloom. If you look closely, you can see red buds, so I will have more flowers to enjoy.
We Awakened to a White Christmas!

We Awakened to a White Christmas!

When we went to bed on Christmas Eve, the world was brown and plain; when we woke up on Christmas morning, the world was white and magical. It was also cold as gee-whiz golly, so I chose not to brave the wind and cold to hunt for magical snow pictures. So instead of...

Senecio- I Think!

This is one of the succulents I am still working on identifying, and I have decided it must be in the senecio family. If you can help me out with a name, leave me a comment. The flower is interesting, and I like the shape of the plant. This is the first one for me, so...

Faucaria tigrina, Tiger Jaws

This tiger jaws plant usually blooms in the evening, closes, and then opens again the next morning and usually stays open for a day or two. This  plant doesn’t seem to be doing well right now, and I’m not happy about I’m afraid I am going to lose it. The picture...