I brought home a nice Turbinicarpus horripilus gold spines from the CCSA (Cactus and Succulent Society of America) convention last year in San Luis Obispo, planted it in a dish garden, and then  got busy doing other things and didn’t look at it very closely as I watered it. And then it got my attention again when these pretty little flowers popped open!


This little cactus is native to the state of Hidalgo in Mexico and is endangered due to habitat loss and over-collecting. This one was propagated from seed rather than being collected in the wild, but you don’t run across them very often, even seed-grown ones, and apparently is seldom seen in private collections, so I am glad I have one.

It lives with this Cotyledon mint truffles succulent and a cluster of Mammillaria elongata and seems happy.


It won’t get much bigger individually, but can produce more stems from the base forming a bigger cluster of cactus. As it matures it should also get more wool at the base of the areoles where the spines come out.


I’m perfectly happy with it just like this. Can’t wait to see if it will bloom again this year or only surprises me once a season.