March 24th I traveled to Burnet for the Highland Lakes Master Gardener Association’s annual Lawn and Garden Show. Bluebonnets were blooming, but not en masse as they do when rain has been plentiful. What was impressive was the yucca, the Spanish dagger. The cliff along Ranch Road 1431 opposite the lookout point at Lake LBJ had some really impressive blooms, but it is hard to find a place from which to get a good picture of them. But of course I try anyway.



I drove down on Thursday to set up on Friday for the show on Saturday.


With help from the members of the master gardener group things took shape quickly and I was all ready for the big day.


Saturday, of course, being the big day. And I had a good day. I even had a fun visit from Kelly and her finance Dale. AJ and I landscaped a succulent garden for Kelly two years ago, and she was back for more plants. I was tickled to see her again and glad to hear how the garden was growing.


I have been to the farmers market this Highland Lakes Master Gardeners host in Burnet from May to November and many times my booth winds up next to Alicia Blankenship and always enjoy seeing her.


Roxanne Dunegan is the contact person for the market days. She and her mother Edna stopped by to look at plants.


I had a good day, enjoyed visiting with all the people and sold enough that it made packing up afterward really fast and easy. Then upon getting back to the lake, I was greeted by a halo of flowers on the mammillaria I had planted on the last trip down.I was glad to see it was happy in its new home.


Early Sunday morning I went back to Ranch Road 2342 and turned on P4 that goes by Longhorn Caverns where I had seen spectacular yucca driving to Burnet for the garden show. I went early in hopes of having good morning light for some pictures and very little traffic to deal with. I had very little traffic, but was greeted by gray, overcast skies with lousy light. But of course I took some pictures anyway.





Later that day AJ came over. We worked on some things in the yard at the new lake lot and planted one more Texas mountain laurel, another Hill Country plant I really like.

Monday before leaving I did take one bluebonnet shot, but as you can see, they were not nearly as impressive as the yucca this year.


But that’s okay. I had lots of pretty things to enjoy this trip.