The weather is still not cooperating, but I have few specimens that are determined to bloom, nice weather or not. So let me share a few that I am enjoying right now. I can hole up in the greenhouse, listen to wind howling outside, and take my time looking at the flowers that insist on showing off while everything planted in the ground has to wait for winter to be over.

The bees manage to slip out even in the cold and make their way into the greenhouse. They are said to be attracted to yellow flowers, and I noticed they did seem to prefer the yellow ones on this echeveria bloom, and below that on the graptoveria moonglow.



They had not made it to this bunch of sedum treleasei yet, but I suspect they will.



This sedum adolphii has done well this year.



This trailing kalanchoe pulima is still small, but has a nice flower. I am anxious for it to fill out and make a full hanging basket.



I have written about rhipsalis before, but it is full of flowers now and deserves another look.


I have also shared pictures of albuca in bloom before, but you might have missed them the first time. They have such a neat little flower, I just had to show them again.



Senecio saginata makes a delicate flower.


A pachyphytum bloom, this time in pink.


Regular ice plant, delosperma,  is normally outside and dead-looking for the winter. This little hybrid mini delosperma is growing well inside, and while not covered in blooms, makes the occasional bright spot.


And you get the idea. Succulent flowers are not as large as many cactus flowers, but delicate and beautiful in their own way. They also stay open longer than cactus flowers, which usually close after one day.

Next week I will share some cactus blooms.