I found this little plant this summer, the last one in the flat, desperately in search of a home. So of course, I obliged. And then in October it bloomed these pretty little flowers. Reminded me of autumn joy.


And because it was a new plant to me, I did a little research. Turns out the reason it reminded me of autumn joy is that it, too, it’s a stonecrop and even sometimes goes by the name of October Daphne since the flowers come in September and October. Sound sort of familiar? And looking at the pictures of larger plants on other websites, a trailing autumn joy is just what it looks like. The plant is named after Phillip Franz von Siebold, a 19th century plant collector.


On the one hand it is considered cold-hardy, zones 3-9, but I also read it benefitted from some cold weather protection. Time will tell how it does outside here, but I plan to try some outside.


Mine hasn’t taken off just yet, but I expect it to come into its own and fill out when the weather warms up.


This was the first time I had seen this plant for sale, so if you want to add it to your collection, you may have to keep an eye out for it, or perhaps find it on the Internet. But the search should be worth it.