When Carolyn Johnson and Royce Turner talked about getting married, Carolyn had had her dog Scamp since 2013. Royce had never had an indoor dog and dealt with cat and dog allergies. He liked Scamp, but just couldn’t deal with having him in the house all the time. Discussion followed about the dog living outside after their marriage. Carolyn thought about it, sighed, and said,”Well, I guess Scamp and I will live somewhere else,” and left it at that.

Royce also thought about it and came up with a solution. What about a dog house for Scamp that she would be willing to live in outside? With a heater and air conditioner? Furnished like the inside of a house she had always lived in? Comfortable and cozy, with a nice bed and freedom to move in and out of it at will?

Well, that solution solved the dilemma; the marriage took place on September 18, 2021, and the dog house, a mini-mansion, quickly followed.

Since we are in the Christmas season, you will notice the house is also decorated for the season, Christmas lights and all. Carolyn changes decorations as needed. But she says Scamp gets upset with her when she moves and changes things, as if Carolyn is taking away her things!

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Turner

But now, what about that dog who gets to live in all this opulence? Scamp is a female ten year-old English bulldog that has lived with Carolyn since she was six months old.

Carolyn likes English bulldogs and has alway chosen this breed over the years. Falstaff was the first one, followed by Crystal, Hondo, Tank, and now Scamp. Scamp was especially a part of the family when Buck, Carolyn’s husband at the time, was sick. Scamp was his constant companion, first on the bed with him and later in a chair by the bed. In fact, at one point, Scamp even alerted Carolyn when Buck fell into a diabetic coma and nearly died. Scamp was with Buck when this happened and ran to Carolyn, barking, trying to tell her something was wrong. Turns out these dogs can smell a scent caused by diabetes when something goes wrong, so Scamp was trying to tell Carolyn that Buck was in danger. If she had not alerted Carolyn, who then called for help, Buck would  have died that night. Scamp’s diligence gave Buck and Carolyn six more months together. Scamp was protective of Buck, but she is also protective of Carolyn.

But, back to the dog house. The house does have a heater and air conditioner, is carpeted, is tastefully decorated with bulldog things, has a nice soft bed, and has two folding chairs for visitors.The interior decorating is reminiscent of something you might have seen at Carolyn’s Christmas Creations a few years back.

Here you see the air conditioner and heater and Scamp’s cozy bed.

The regular door is outfitted with a doggy door so Scamp can come and go as she pleases.

Just recently that doggy door was also used by this stray cat who has discovered this comfortable place to visit. Carolyn said she came out one day, and the cat was curled up next to Scamp on her bed! That’s okay; now Scamp has a friend to keep her company when Carolyn can’t be out there with her.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Turner

Royce and Carolyn added a koi pond this summer, and Scamp likes to watch the fish.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Turner

So, Scamp may not be a house dog anymore, but she is a dog with a house- her own mini-mansion!

All dogs should be so loved and pampered.

Thanks to Carolyn and Royce Turner for giving me the history of Scamp’s house, and Scamp for letting me visit it.