When I walked up the steps of the administration building this morning, I saw and heard two-a-days going on across the street at the football field, a sure sign school is about to start.

And the beginning of the new school year means the Muleshoe Classroom Teachers Association is welcoming the new teachers with breakfast and a goody bag. Members brought a lovely variety of breakfast foods and thirty merchants and businesses contributed a batch of goodies for a super goody bag. Muleshoe CTA has done this since 1989 when I was a district director and came home from the TCTA state convention with the goody bag idea to add to our new teacher breakfast. Thanks to the dedication of these women and other involved Muleshoe CTA members, the tradition has continued.

After everyone had a chance to enjoy some breakfast and visit a bit, Superintendent Richards opened the meeting with his traditional joke having to do with teepees and stress, which kicked things off with smiles.

Dr. Richards then introduced Angela Reyes, District 17 representative and local CTA officer, who talked to the twenty-two new teachers and support staff about the advantages of joining TCTA.

April Smith talked about campus representatives and then Cristal Taylor Isaacks, who just happens to be a MHS graduate and TCTA Executive board member, gave the new teachers more reasons to join TCTA.

Dr. Richards had the administrators, office staff and other staff introduce themselves.

April, Val, and Angela distributed the goody bags, the succulent centerpiece on the breakfast table was given away to a lucky new teacher,  Suzanne King blessed us with a prayer, and we all then left so the new teachers could start their training and instruction with Dr. Richards to get ready for their adventure as new teachers.

And it will be an adventure, I assure you! Here’s to a good year.

Thanks to April Smith, Val McCamish, Angela Reyes, and all the Muleshoe CTA members who shared food for the breakfast, the local merchants and businesses who contributed to the goody bags, Dr. Richards and staff  for providing time for the breakfast, and the new teachers who chose Muleshoe ISD to begin their new careers.