Muleshoe chose to enjoy the Fourth of July on the second of July this year. And that’s okay; we had a great long parade, lots of vendors, lots of activities, and a really nice fireworks display that night.

I was asked to judge the floats in the parade along with Kaitlyn Hart and Ramon Sanchez, so I had a front row seat to see all the entries in the parade. And there was a whole lot to see in the parade! I tried to take pictures but couldn’t get everything and everyone, and sometimes I just put the camera aside so I could enjoy seeing everyone and everything in that parade!

A good crowd was lined up in anticipation of the parade.


Flashing lights and sirens told us things were starting down at the end of the street, and the Color Guard from Cannon AFB led the parade and came to a halt at the reviewing stand where we judges sat.


Heather Garcia did a lovely job singing our National Anthem, followed by a loud cheer from the crowd.



Then for the next forty or so minutes we watched a variety of parade entries pass by and the kids rushed to gather the candy thrown from the many vehicles decked out in red, white, and blue. I had a hard time keeping up with all of them and couldn’t identify all the sponsors, so I will just share with you some of the images I did manage to get when I wasn’t just watching the parade and trying to judge the entries. and it’s harder than you think! Lots of people went to lots of trouble to show their pride in our country. I wish I could include them all, but it really was a long parade!






Five Area had the winning float, with lots of people and Uncle Sam.



We even had the drum section from the Muleshoe High School band! That was fun.


And cheerleaders and the Mule mascot, but I almost missed getting that picture. Yes, the Mule is in there!







A whole group of kids came by on bikes and various small vehicles, and I am sorry to say I was having so much fun watching them that I failed to take a picture! But I did get this one later on, so he represents all the kids who took the time to decorate and show up for the parade. I hope they do it again next year.





And yay! We had horses this year. It’s just not a parade without horses, for me, anyway, and this one looked really nice. In fact, I almost missed getting the picture because I was enjoying watching the girl and her pretty horse.

And there came other horses after her. You can never have too many horses in the parade.


The Texas Tech Masked Rider and the new horse even showed up.


Raider Red even did his thing.


We also had the usual array of fire trucks and farm equipment.






After the parade, everyone moved to the courthouse square for the vendors, food trucks, and activities.





A long tent had games for the kids, and the cars were lined up for closer viewing. The corn hole tournament was going on in the bank parking lot, but I fear I didn’t manage to get a good shot of the competition.




Later I checked out the Little Miss and Mister Firecracker competition.


I don’t know how the young lady above fared, but Ivan had already competed in his red, white, and blue shorts, and he was ready for naptime.


The Oneita Wagnon Senior Center also participated with their annual barbecue dinner and also had a silent auction of baked goods. I bid on festive lemon fireworks cupcakes made by Regena Dent, and I had the winning  bid.IMG_9507

The activities at the courthouse were over at 4 pm, and everyone rested until it was time to make it to the new city park for the fireworks display. I took a plethora of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the show, but will show you just a few. You really should have been there.



About midway through the fireworks, a horse and rider carrying an American flag quietly made their way around the walking path in the park. I was impressed with this horse who quietly walked down the path with fireworks exploding above his head, lights flashing and giant booms going off,  unconcerned  by the all the hoopla going on around him. Priceless. Sadly, he was too far away and in the dark for me to get  a good picture, but it was a lovely tribute to the night of celebration.


After the grand finale, a cheer arose from all directions of the park, and people made their way home while some lovely, individual but smaller displays could be seen around town. Not legal, perhaps, but impressive for a family affair.

I’d say the day was a success. Brittany Pendley,  her Chamber of Commerce board members, and so many Muleshoe residents made it a day to remember. And if you didn’t partake in any of the festivities this  year, I think you should make it a point to participate in some way next year.

Happy birthday, America.

And look! After reading this story, Morgan Marricle shared her picture of the rider and the flag from the night of the fireworks. Father Heriberto Mercado from Muleshoe’s Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and his horse carried the American flag that graces the church’s sanctuary as their way of saying, “God Bless America.”  And bless you, Father Heriberto, for wanting to do this. It touched my heart. A lovely gesture.