I fear I’m a bit late with this, but perhaps it will be something you might want to do next year for some fall decorations. I bought one of those big, flat pumpkins that has a deep depression where the stem would be. Alas, I don’t remember what variety of pumpkin this is, a Fairytale or Cinderella, perhaps.


You can find all kinds of different methods for doing this online, I know, but I just added dirt and plants.



I just kept adding cuttings as I turned the pumpkin to fill it pretty evenly with plants.


You could spray the cuttings when you need to water, but I actually watered the center of the pumpkin. I put it on a towel to catch the run-off down the lobes of the pumpkin, let it sit a little while and then moved it back to the table that it decorates.



So while it may be a little late for you to add this to your fall decorations this year, you could file the idea away for next year.

Or take out the succulents and add a Christmas cactus, or Christmas ornaments, a green and red bandanna underneath, and greenery for our next holiday. Who says a pumpkin can’t celebrate Christmas?