I bought a Pleiospilos nelii this year simply because it had a bud ready to open. I thought.

Brought it home, repotted it with two others that I bought with it, Pleiospilos nelii royal flush, just because they were a pretty purple color. I waited a couple of days in anticipation and decided it had already opened before I got it since no flower appeared. Kind of forgot about it.

And then Boom!  There it was.


Pleiospilos nelii, commonly called a split rock, is native to South Africa. Flowers open in the afternoon and close in the evening, but this little plant seems to have its days and nights mixed up because this flower finally opened late in the afternoon and closed later that night. Then it opened again four more times. What fun!


The P. nelii  royal flush plants will bloom at some point; now they just look nice and fleshy and purple.


But I really enjoyed the yellow bloom while it lasted.