Not much going on with the cactus and succulents these days. Thanks to our very cold, very dry winter, the outside plants are in really sad shape. Those in the greenhouse and barn are faring much better, not doing much growing yet, but here and there I find spots of color in unexpected flowers. I think I have shared winter flowers with you before, but maybe some of these I haven’t shared before. Or maybe I have. No matter; I never tire of looking at them. So here we go again.

I added this titanopsis calcarea to my collection this year, so I was tickled to see it bloom so quickly.


I have shared this one with you before, mammillaria bocasana roseiflora, and it bloomed again.


This little mammillaria plumosa is kin to  the one above, but look at the difference in the flowers and spines, which are two of the ways to identify cactus.


Another mammillaria, m. camptatricha, is a good bloomer and makes a nice clump of cactus.


Echeveria pulidonis is one of my favorite echeverias, even without these pretty strings of flowers.


Another succulent, a pachythytum, has a similar flower.


This senecio cephalophorus had several bloom stems, but I tried to get a close-up of just one.


I have three different euphorbia milii, or crown of thorns, and all are blooming right now, but I might not have shown you this white one before.


This senecio saginata has a similar bloom to the first senecio, but look closely and you can see some differences in the pattern of the petals. And it didn’t grow out of the watering pitcher; I just stuck it in there to get a good picture.


And I know I have shared the orchid with you, but by golly, it just keeps on blooming! I also discovered it is a phalaenopsis, a popular orchid, but I didn’t know which one it was.


Always fun to look around in the greenhouse.