Not much going on in the greenhouse right now. Weather hasn’t been conducive to doing anything outside. So about all I have to share with you are a few blooms that managed to make an appearance in the gloom of winter.

This is my newest stapeliad, and I haven’t been able to identify which variety it is, but it has the hairy, slightly stinky flower indicative of stapeliads, so that will have to do. I think I might have shared this plant with you in an earlier blog, but you might have missed it the first time.



The plant is a lime green compared to the dark green of my other varieties, which makes it a nice addition to add to the collection.


Last week I mentioned crown of thorns, euphorbia milii, as a possible choice as an appropriate succulent for a winter houseplant. My red one is in its blooming stage right now and looks good.



The kalanchoes are all getting ready to burst forth with color and will soon all be as full and pretty as this one. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is also a good choice as a winter houseplant.


So don’t despair. Spring really is just around the corner.