I discovered some blooms I wasn’t expecting while checking on everything. Thought I might as well share them with you.

My lithops have bloomed before, but I like them and I don’t know that I have share this white one with you before. And even if I have, it never hurts to admire then again! Lithops are native to South Africa and are of the group of succulents known as living stones because they are easy to overlook in the wild as just stones. They are always a nice surprise. The flower makes it way out from between the two fat petals and aren’t always obvious when they are developing. After the flower blooms and shrivels, the two fat sections slowly shrivel up and provide food for the two new ones to develop.


Hens and chicks, sedum sempervivum, are pretty common and lots of people have them. I do, too, but they have never bloomed for me. This variety is slightly different from the traditional cold-hardy ones that most of us have. It may look the same to you, but there are subtle differences in the color and fatness of the leaves.


I have never had one bloom, so I was delighted to find these pretty little pink ones.


Neat , huh? That’s the fun of succulents and cactus. You just never know what you may discover. A daily walk through the garden is a must or you might miss them.

Happy hunting.