Went shopping on a recent trip in one of the many junk/antique/thrift/whatever stores that seem to dominate the streets of small towns in the Texas Hill Country. I came upon this discarded piece of farm equipment all cleaned up and displayed as an interior decorating accessory.


Not being familiar with it but knowing it came off a tractor somewhere, I asked what it was. A plow, I was told. Well, I knew it wasn’t a plow, but I wasn’t sure what it was. But I thought it was rather interesting, and although I probably wouldn’t put it in my house, I would put it in my cactus bed, so upon returning home, I consulted a family friend who happens to be a farmer, and he said it was a rotary hoe wheel. He also said he had a bunch of them in his junk pile and said I could have some if I wanted them.

Well! He didn’t have to offer twice. I think it was the next day that I was there with bells on; no, actually with my gloves on and ready to see what wonderful treasures I could ferret out of his discard pile.

IMG_0725 junk wagon

I found several things, a rotary hoe wheel, and a few other choice pieces, including an actual plowshare, but I didn’t think to take a group picture of everything. Then a few days later, my benefactor brought me more hoe wheels, along with several different sizes of plowshares and some other pieces. I then had great fun looking for just the right place to put them in the garden.

Later on another trip to the Hill Country, I checked out yet more stores and gathered some new ideas of things for the garden and different ways to use them. So I asked my friend if I might go shopping again, and he very graciously said yes.



This time I remembered to document my finds.

IMG_1360 (1)

You might have noticed I have not mentioned which farmer was so generous with me. That’s at his request. Considering how popular rusty stuff is right now, and considering I liked that rusty stuff, too, he figured if I was that interested in his discards, others might be, too, and he didn’t want to wake up some morning to a mass of treasure hunters descending on the place! So if you, too, would like to decorate with neat leftovers pieces from farm implements, ask your friendly farmer. I think having a junk pile is a given in the farming business, so stuff is out there. All you have to is ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, ya know.

I am in the process of finding just the right spots for all the most recent treasures, so check in next week to see how nicely they dress up the garden. Really. You might get some good ideas.