One of my favorite plants is the stapelia lepida that I think I have shared with you before. But the flower is so intricate it is worth sharing again. Every year it blooms, and every year I take yet another picture of that amazing flower, this one blooming in  2014. This year, however, was the first time my plant made seed pods which burst forth with fluffy little seeds that ride the wind to points unknown.


I was just sure I took a picture of the seed pods so I would have that to show you after the pods opened. I must have spent an hour looking for that picture but never found one. I guess I thought about it but didn’t follow through, which really hacks me off, so all I can do is tell you it looks like a long smooth striped green pod-looking affair about four inches long with a hard covering that is pointed at each end. The pod developed for weeks, and finally one day in June,  BOOM! seeds were flitting about everywhere. You can see the seed pod has turned pale tan after it dried out and popped open. I kept thinking I would find that missing picture of the pod, which didn’t materialize, so I figured I’d better go ahead and  show you the seeds anyway.


You can also see the fluffy hairs on each seed that allow the wind to distribute the seeds.


Just so you know, this is the plant that produced the seeds. Not a particularly showy plant, but it makes up for any lack of drama the rest of the year when it blooms those interesting flowers.


Other stapeliad varieties also produce beautiful flowers, albeit stinky ones, some stinkier than others- remember this is the plant with the nickname carrion plant- and make these same seed pods, which add to the interest of the plant.


Consider adding one of these succulents to your collection.