I rescued this plant last year from one of the big box stores. Its pot had fallen over and the plant tumbled out, soil and all, and no one seemed the least bit concerned. I located the manager, played let’s make a deal, and took the plant home for next to nothing. The original was bigger than this; I had to separate some of it due to its accident, but that just gave me more plants. 


This year it bloomed. They are lovely, somewhat small flowers that hang downward, so the easiest way to enjoy the flowers would be to put the plant up on a shelf or table where the viewing might be easier. As you can see, I had to hold the bloom up to take the picture. But they look pretty when they all droop down together.


Cotyledons are in the crassulaceae family, which means they are kin to jade trees, probably the most popular and easily recognized crassula. I am finding out that many succulents are in the crassulaceae family. These plants are native to South Africa, and it turns out some species are highly poisonous while others have been used in traditional medicine with some degree of success. Removal of corns was mentioned, but I’ve not tried it. I don’t know about this particular one, but I suspect it is harmless. But you might not want to accidently lick your fingers after handling it!

it is called staghorn because the leaves have points that make it look like, well, a stag horn.



All cotyledon flowers hang down like clusters of pretty little bells, which makes for an interesting plant.


And there are many different species with various colors and leaf shapes, so be on the look-out and add one to your collection.