This little yucca bloomed for me for the first time this year.


I discovered Santa Fe Greenhouses on a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico,  many years ago and then enjoyed ordering plants through their catalog, High Country Gardens. I think this plant was one I ordered through the catalog, along with some other yuccas that haven’t bloomed yet, either! I suspect they are just now getting old enough to bloom, so I have much to look forward to.

At any rate, the bloom stem, called a candle in larger yuccas, popped up in late March. I discovered it on March 25th and checked it daily in anticipation of the flowers.



On April 6th it looked like this:


Finally, on April 16th, the buds began to open.



The blooms are gone now, but they were pretty while they lasted.


And maybe one of these I will be able to identify it by specific name. But it is a nice little yucca.