Sedum spathuliforium Cape Blanco is one of my favorite sedums.


It has taken this potful several years-I’ve lost count- to fill out and look like this, but it is one of my most impressive succulents. And it is easy to grow.


From the stonecrop family, this succulent is supposed to be cold hardy in zones 5-9, but I have never left mine out during the winter. This may be the year to plant some in the ground and see what happens. It is native to North America. Mine blooms a small white flower, but pictures on the Internet show bursts of yellow and even red, so different varieties are out there. And as you can see, mine is not blooming yet this year; it is a bit early yet.


Cape Blanco will tolerate some light shade, but if you see it stretching out with long intervals between leaves, you know it needs more sun. If you look closely, you can see a few stems reaching in this picture, as this plant has been inside during the winter and probably needs stronger sun than I can give it right now. But those stems can be the ones I plant in the ground when it warms up, and the other stems will fill in nicely.


This plant is fairly fragile, as you can see by the leaves littering the floor-the dogs sometimes give it a whack with their wagging tails. But it is easy to root, grows at a decent pace, and you can enjoy it for years to come.