Echeveria harmsii, also called plush plant, is another succulent from Mexico. Obviously succulents like the warm climate in Mexico; so many of them are from there! But how nice that they are here now so that we can also enjoy them. Echeveria harmsii a popular succulent and is not hard to find. Perhaps you already have one.


But if not, I suspect you have seen them. This is one I rooted from cuttings at the end of the summer and is now blooming. That’s another thing-many succulents bloom during our winter because they are native to lands farther south where it is warm now.  Echeverias are polycarpic plants, meaning they bloom many times and set seeds each time.


Echeveria harmsii is no doubt sometimes called plush plant because its furry, shiny covering of little hairs make it look plush and soft, as you can see here. With time in the sun, the leaf edges turn that nice red, which is also pretty.


As the plant grows tall, it will lose some of the lower leaves. Be sure to keep those cleaned out of the pot since leaf debris invites bugs, especially mealy bugs. And as the plant grows and becomes leggy, you might want to cut off the rosette with about an inch and a half of stem,  let the cut dry, as I have mentioned before, maybe even waiting until you see new roots appear, and then plant it and perhaps one or two more rosettes for a nice full, bushy new plant. If the old plant is not cut back too close to the soil, and a leaf joint is present, it will usually sprout another head. Sometimes, however, the parent plant will die. But you have your new plant from the cuttings to enjoy.



As with all succulents, give it plenty of sun and enjoy its shiny soft look as it rewards you with flowers.