As I walked to the greenhouse yesterday, a spot of pink caught my eye. Sure enough, one of the Wyoming cactus was blooming, a sure sign Spring is actually coming, a much-surer sign of Spring that any Ground hog shadow. Or no shadow. I always get the signs confused.


Since transplanting them to Texas, I find these pediocactus simpsonii are the first of the cold-hardy cactus to bloom. I think I might have shared these with you last Spring, but it is always so nice to see that first flower and I am so tired of all the dry and brown, I had to do it again. My native Texas cactus won’t start until May, and maybe late in May this year, what with the drought and all.


But for now I can enjoy these. I saw no signs of buds in the other bed, but most of the Wyoming bunch were showing fat clusters of buds. So there is hope that Winter is on the way out. And not a moment too soon.