I bought my first ariocarpus several years ago, maybe around 2005 or earlier, an ariocarpus retusus, and it just sort of sat there. Time passed and it finally grew enough to be repotted. Then last year in the fall it surprised me with a bloom. And then this year, bingo! Jackpot!

Ariocarpus retusus.

Then two years ago at an Albuquerque cactus show and sale, I bought an ariocarpus trigonus, one about the size of the retusus I had had for years. It bloomed one flower last year, and this year it has outdone itself, blooming six blooms at once, as you see below.

Ariocarpus trigonus.


I am intrigued with the body and texture of the leaves of these curious little succulents, and I highly recommend adding them to your collection.