I have several varieties of astrophytum and enjoy them all, but the astrophytum ornatum are by far my best bloomers. They begin n the early spring and bloom late into the fall. In fact, I have had them bloom in the greenhouse during the winter on occasion. I do winter them in the greenhouse, as they are not cold-hardy in our winters.


I have quite a few different varieties of astrophytum in my collection and will share those with you another time. Today the spotlight is on the ornatum, one of the faster growing varieties, and definitely one of the best bloomers.


All three of these cacti are astrophytum ornatum, but you can see there are differences in their shapes, trihomes (white bumps), and spines.


It is not uncommon to have one, two, or three flowers, but this specimen outdid itself with six at one time! Note the pattern of the white bumps. Some plants will have more, some less, but that is part of their appeal.


Like most cactus flowers, these only last a day, perhaps two, depending on how late in the day they open. But considering how often they bloom, that just gives you another day to look forward to being greeted by their bright yellow smile when they do open.


All three of these plants are well over 15 years old, and the older they get, the more they bloom. See what you have to look forward to?