When I see the buds forming on my trichocereus grandiflorus, I get really exited. The flowers are quite large, and the petals literally glow with iridescent color, like, well, neon. Pictures just don’t do them justice, although every year I drag out the camera and try yet again to capture the elusive sheen that I find fascinating.


The only thing wrong with this impressive event is that the blooms open early in the morning and by about one o’clock they begin to close. And that’s it. The next day they are closed, drooping, wilted, a sad reminder of their radiant splendor the day before.



But later in the day as they are closing, the color is still impressive. I moved this one where I could see it as I passed by the open door of the greenhouse so I could enjoy them as much as possible.




I also have this trichocereus grandiflorus in white, and its are beautiful too, but the neon color isn’t so much a factor in these blooms.


And I have one more trichocereus that is an impressive plant, but has yet to bloom. I have no idea what color those flowers will be, so I am looking forward to being surprised when it finally decides to unveil its color.


Until then, I shall look forward to and enjoy these when they open in a blaze of glory and silently pass on in the night.