I bought glasses so we could watch the eclipse, knowing we weren’t in the total eclipse path, but still looking forward to the experience.

I set up our lawn chairs in the back yard where no tree limbs would be in the way, watched the clock, and we were there, ready for the show at 1:39, as I had seen that to be the starting time here.

I had read horror stories of how taking a picture with any camera without the proper lens protection would melt the sensors in the cameras, so I decided I would leave the picture-taking to the experts with the big cameras and the protective lenses. I saw one report that said you could hold the glasses up in front of your phone camera and take a safe shot, but I was not sure about that, so I chose to just watch the drama unfold. But I did take this silly selfie while waiting for more excitement.

It was a bit overcast, but not terribly cloudy, so I was in hopes we could still see most of the eclipse.

Well. Once we finally located the sun by tilting our heads way back and sliding down in the chairs, there it was, a tiny sliver of light orange that looked pretty much like a small crescent moon. And there it sat. It didn’t get dark, nor did it get quiet like I had read would happen. And it was already cold here, so the temperature didn’t go down, or at least we couldn’t tell it did because the wind was already cold.

A few years ago when we had an eclipse that went by a different name, it did get darker, cooler, even quieter, and I could see half moon shapes on the concrete; an eerie experience. Somehow this one didn’t do that.

Bill gave up on it and went inside. I did a few outdoor chores, checking with the glasses very few minutes. The sliver of orange did get fatter, but by 2:27, I had a hard time even finding the sun up there anywhere in the sky. Rats.

So I hope people who are/were watching from the true  path of totality have/had a more spectacular view with all the other effects predicted.

But hang around. Another one is coming in 2044, or is it ’45…yeah, like I will be here for that one!