I was up as scheduled to get a sunrise shot of the falls. I had hoped for more clouds to reflect some color and interest. Alas, that didn’t happen, but I did get some pleasant shots. Well, except for the last one where the dirty window came into play against the glare of the sun. But even that one isn’t terrible.





We could see the WEGO bus station at the visitor center from our room. We could also see the edge of the top of the falls with nothing but the mist beyond.


We rode a shuttle bus to the border at Buffalo, New York, a busy point of entry. We could see just a tad of Lake Erie in the distance from the bus.



We passed this bridge on the way to the airport, and I took a picture for the foliage color. Then when I had the chance to really look at my pictures when we got home, I saw the buffalo on the bridge. We were in Buffalo, New York, after all!


Buffalo has a nice airport, but it and the town seemed sort of low-key for a city with an NFL team. But then, we weren’t there during a football game frenzy, so what do I know?


A shot of Lake Erie. Really.


We had to change planes in Denver again, and again we sprinted from gate 12 to gate 95B! The Mile-High City has a mile-long airport. You’ve heard horror stories about waiting on the tarmac for clearance to take off. We seemed to do a bit of taxiing before we lifted off, and I looked back to see a line of planes behind us, so our wait wasn’t as long as it could have been.


The final leg of the trip was an uneventful flight back to Lubbock.


We rolled into Muleshoe about 11:30 that night, weary and glad to be home, but full of stories and memories of the trip. I enjoyed reliving it as I shared it with you.

Another destination checked off the bucket list.