…that which you are willing to die having left undone. I shared this little gem with you in a past post (“The Vitamind,” December 15, 2010), but it really hit home during Spring Break when we discovered we had waited too long to do something we had thought about doing but never acted upon. For years we had seen a river tour advertised in the lake area of the Hill Country that sounded interesting, a boat tour that went down the Colorado river to see waterfalls and eagle nests. Since the water at Lake LBJ was still too cold and the wind unpleasant, we signed up for the tour. When I made the reservations, I asked about the water level affecting the tour, and either didn’t ask the right question or didn’t listen closely enough to the answer, because what we saw was the remains of a small town that had to be abandoned when they dammed the Colorado river to make Lake Buchanan, rather than the full river tour, which was inaccessible, what with low water and all. While the boat ride was pleasant enough and the town’s history lesson interesting, this was not what we paid to see. A few things that we did see were these: IMG_1867  IMG_1869 IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1886 IMG_1879  IMG_1889 IMG_1919  Now, considering that it will take years, years, of good rainfall, if that ever even happens, for the river and lake to fill up again, our procrastination has made the chances of taking the full tour slim and none, considering my advancing age and all, Ha. And this is not something that will be high on my list of regrets of things I didn’t accomplish in my lifetime, but it does hammer home the consequences of putting things off. So my unsolicited advice to you is to stop putting things off, whatever they are, large or small,  and git ‘er done, to borrow a phrase from Larry the Cable Guy. Don’t fill your bucket list with regrets.