Well, not exactly a field, but a bit of color on a dreary winter day. We are caught in the prolonged series of cold fronts that you may also be experiencing, and I suspect that you, too, are good and ready for Spring to show up. But in the meantime, I can slip into the greenhouse and be thrilled to find plants blooming their little heads off in spite of the cold. So let me share with you:

The pot in the upper right-hand corner is the old tried and true red bloom, and while it is the oldest plant, it seems to be a little slower coming around.

These buds have been trying to open for over a week, and we just haven’t had enough sunshine to make it happen. But they are trying.

This bloom is a single; the pinks are doubles and make a nice showing once they open.

As you can see, I still have lots of color to look forward to as they continue to open. That is, if the sun will cooperate.