If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed a gap in posts, starting after Thanksgiving. That was when my little computer gave up the ghost and just died on me. Amazing how much we take things for granted, isn’t it? The timing couldn’t have been worse; not only could I not post on my blogs, I couldn’t finish scrapbooks for the kids’ Christmas gifts, couldn’t type Christmas newsletters ( and we know how people just love getting those, right? Not.). I couldn’t load pictures on a flash drive to be printed for the scrapbooks and my yearly photo calendar gifts, couldn’t check my bank account or email- couldn’t do anything I was accustomed to doing on the computer. Well, without boring you with more minutiae than I already have, ordering my new computer became my cover for getting a laptop for Bill for Christmas without him knowing about it. With the help of a new tech support person, I now have a new computer and so does Bill. We still have a few glitches to work out, but life is pretty much back to normal now. I am curious to see if the blog publishes in the same format, and if it doesn’t, bear with me. In time all will be back like it should be. IMG_1546 Christmas is history now; the big day has come and gone, Caroline and AJ and their respective families have gone home, but the tree is still up, a reminder of the pleasant day we all had together. So in spite of the computer crisis, we had a good holiday, much to be thankful for, and life is good. IMG_1537