If you are a regular reader, you know there was no new blog post last week. And this one is a bit late. Computers are wonderful. When they work. And mine was not wonderful and would not work.

So on Monday, September 16th, I gave up and took it to the techies at Five Area/Plateau telephone company in hopes they could work miracles and get it up and running again. Then we received a call from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, that Bill’s dad’s wife, Lucille, had passed away. We drove to Ft. Smith on Tuesday, the 17th, attended the funeral on Wednesday, the 18th, and drove home on Thursday, the 18th. Took Mari, the still in rehab dog, with us, which just complicated the trip, but we felt like she needed the supervision. Keep in mind this is a 9-10 hour drive. Coming and going. But we wanted to be there.

All of this, mind you, right in the middle of the last room of the house update project, which was feeling like a lifetime project.  We left things as they were, unfinished, and took up where we left off upon our return. The trouble, though, was that we were now working against the clock to finish in time for the already scheduled date for the carpet to be laid, and we were definitely ready for that almost final step in the plan. Divorce was not imminent, but nerves were getting frayed and individuals were getting testy.

Well, by September 24th we finished the painting, Pedro helped get  the tile down in the bathroom, I took care of touch-ups, and we were thrilled to see Jesus when he drove up to do the carpet. And the day before I even picked up the computer, all fixed and ready to go, but no time to actually use it. Because then we got to move everything back in, do paint touch-ups again after getting the carpet down, and then hang those  infernal Levelor blinds, which we had also put in the other redone bedrooms. I like the way they look and chose them over drapes or curtains, but they are a royal pain in the butt to hang. At least they drive me crazy. They are tedious and nerve-wracking, and I was not looking forward to doing yet another set of three units. But up they finally went, and now we are down to hanging pictures and completing other last minute details. But it is not over yet.

The rest of the story is that I get to refinish the bedroom furniture. But not before cleaning the barn and greenhouse in order to move all the cactus in for the winter, as the first good cold front is scheduled for this week-end.

Then Sunday Minnie the cat comes up with a honker of a huge abscess under her chin, so it is off to the vet again on Monday. The abscess was lanced, and she is fine. I had to go to the dentist yesterday, always a fun activity, but no new cavities or root canals called for, so not a bad trip. And then of course it is the first of the month and bills have to be paid. Which they were.

So now it is Wednesday, and I am finally sitting in front of the computer. But you know what? All those things I have just bitched and moaned about-I should be ashamed. On Saturday September 21, I paid my respects and said good-bye to Ana Arzola Guerra, a 39 year-old former student, co-worker, and friend who died in her sleep. That same day a tragic wreck claimed the life of 27 year-old Yuri Aguirre Pacheco, her unborn son,  left  her two year-old daughter in critical condition, and injured her two other children. And remember, we had just been to the funeral of Lucille, who left a grieving family.

My petty problems don’t even count. Our dog will recover; we will enjoy the house renovation for years; we made the Ft. Smith trips safely; the cat is fine. the computer was given a new lease on life; my kids and grandkids are alive and well; I am blessed. Life goes on for us; for these families, life will be a challenge.

So the next time you are tempted to have a major pity party, perhaps you need to stop, like I finally did, count your blessing and thank God for the life you have. Put things in perspective. Problems really are relative.