I am learning more about all the different plants in the  Aizoaceae family, found in the south of Africa, and this plant is one of them. Also called split rock, because that is sort of what they look like, pleiospilos nelii blooms late in the afternoon and makes a really pretty daisy-like flower. I have read that they are easy to grow; I disagree, as they are very easy to overwater if you are not careful. I have been told not to water them over the winter and only water when the fleshy plant looks a bit wrinkled or shriveled up. Mostly, I think I had to  just sort of get a feel for the plant, ignore it just a little bit, make sure I didn’t overwater, and then was pleasantly surprised when it bloomed. I know that may not be much help, but that is how it works for me.



Pleiospilos nelii.