The game was relatively short, but the drive was not, so I am a bit late in reporting that Muleshoe came out on top against Childress last night, 37-14. The weather was wonderful; we took cold weather clothes and blankets, and then sat there in shirt sleeves and light jackets. Alas, I failed to catch the announcer’s name, but got a kick out of his enthusiasm for both teams, mispronounced Spanish surnames, and clever comments, like the proof needed for the winner to pick up the autographed Bobcat helmet they had a drawing for- “just bring your driver’s license, fingerprints, and blood sample to claim your prize.” The clock showed 7:21 before the Mules drew first blood, with QB Caleb Wood carrying in for the touchdown and Nacho Elizalde making good on the extra point. At 3:33 Childress scores, but misses the PAT, making the score 7-6, Muleshoe. Then before the end of the quarter we score again on a pass to Austin Ross and the score is 14-6, Muleshoe. Childress owns the first of the second quarter, however, eating the clock down to 5:04, passing for a two-point conversion, and the score is 14-14. When we get the ball, we make two quick first downs, and on the third series Ross makes a fun play when the ball is thrown to him, almost intercepted, and he basically just takes it back from the Childress player and makes the first down. But we are not able to keep the momentum and give up the ball on fourth down. Childress is not able to move the ball, either, and we get it back with 47 seconds left before the half. We can’t get into the end zone, either, but Elizalde saves the day with a nice little, oh, about a 35-yard field goal before the half and makes the score 17-14. The third quarter is exciting with lots off near interceptions, fumbled snaps by Childress, long passes by both teams, and the score remains 17-14. The fourth quarter sees Xavier Reyes catch a pass for a touchdown, Elizalde PAT, bumping up the score to 24-14, followed by Ray Martinez running for a TD, with a rare miss by Elizalde and the score is 30-14. Martinez, by the way, had a big night, knocking down several key Childress passes and working his little butt off.  More Childress fumbles later, Shawn Atwood recovers one of them right at the end zone for a touchdown, Elizalde kicks and the score is 37-14. We do an onside kick that Childress covers but can’t move, and they turn over the ball to us. We run down the last 31 seconds and the game is over. Mules 37, Childress 14. Next week Littlefield comes to town for all the marbles. The teams are tied in district play and the town rivalry is alive and well. So come for a pre-game meal of turkey and dressing and support the Mules. Mule Mania is on the move. Go Mules!