Other than those I imported from Wyoming, my cold hardy cactus aren’t blooming yet. Making buds, but no blooms. That happens in May. IMG_6841 IMG_7053IMG_7054 But look at all the color going on inside the greenhouse: IMG_6560 IMG_6562 IMG_6569 IMG_7131 IMG_6572 IMG_6768 IMG_6773IMG_6776 IMG_6792IMG_6793I snuck in a shot of Black&White Kitty just to see if you were paying attention. IMG_6577 IMG_6588 IMG_6586 IMG_6806 IMG_6810 IMG_6838IMG_6839 IMG_6840IMG_7090 IMG_7091IMG_7092IMG_7094IMG_7097II snuck myself in here so you would have a point of reference to see how big this Trichocereus bloom is.  The close-up below is the same flower. IMG_7107 IMG_7064This is a white Trichocereus, which makes a big bloom, like the red one. IMG_7113 IMG_7116 The yellow blooms are astrophytums, two of my best bloomers. They just bloom and bloom all spring and summer. See why cactus are so cool? It’s like finding  hidden treasure every time I go in the greenhouse. They really are fun.