Okay, so here’s the deal. I took copious notes last night, slept late this morning,  now need to help with a tiling project, and the blog is still not done. For those of you who might be faithful readers, I apologize for my lack of discipline and lateness with the story. So here is the condensed version: The weather was quintessential football weather. Shirts and pompoms and the sunset  were pink for breast cancer awareness. Fans on both sides contributed $1600 to send to Luis Morales, a Vega football player who was paralyzed from a football injury in a game on September 29. The Mules dominated the game. Friona didn’t make a first down until into the second quarter. The Mules’ offense was smokin’ hot and the defense wasn’t shabby, either. The whole team had a good night. Next week the Mules face Littlefield at home. Big game. See you there. Mule Mania is alive and well.