The first chilly night for a ball game, and I am out of town! But my expert armchair quarterback took notes for me and through the magic of cell phones I was given a first hand report to share with you. Sort of. The short version.
Jr. Baca scored first, followed by his brother Isaac Baca, and it was all Muleshoe after that. We had a better offense and wore them out. We ran a nice trick play, Ryan DeLeon to Saul (sorry, Saul, I am without my program for proper spelling of last names), a reverse that produced a TD. Beau Avila was in at quarterback, but Caleb Wood saw some action at that position as well.
A light crowd was on hand to see the win. An informal observation reveals that we seem to have a bigger fan following when the games are out of town. If that is the case,
the Mules play Slaton at their house, so make the road trip and watch the Mules win.
Mule Mania will get ya’.
Go Mules!