Well, I don’t even know where to start. This first game of the new season was not one of our best efforts. To begin with, it was 103 degrees at game time, way too hot for football. Wearing shorts, sleeveless shirt, and flip flops to the stadium  just isn’t right. On the other hand, as the game slowly trudged on, it was kind of nice to sit there in no wind, and after the sun went down, a pleasant 80 or so degrees. Sure beat braving icy cold weather, which we do quite often during football season. But I digress. The game started off with promise as Ryan Deleon scored on a nice pass from Beau Avila on the third play of the game. Then after kicking off to Shallowater, we recovered a fumble, ran a trick play so  Jr. Baca could make a nice run, but then we fumbled on about the 10 yard line and gave up the ball. The Mules were able to  keep them from scoring and then it was  the end of the first quarter. Things didn’t get any better for the rest of the game. Lots of mistakes, fumbles, interceptions, and even touchdowns, but it just wasn’t a very exciting game. Eric Orozco was taken out on a stretcher, Isaac Baca  scored twice, Saul Elizalde scored once, and I will have to admit I lost interest way before the game was over. Of course, part of that lack of concentration might have been brought on by the kids who couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t sit still and spent most of the game going back and forth, up and down, all  in front of our seats, naturally. To be fair, there were also too many young adults doing just about the same thing. So I guess the slow play of the game had its effect on everyone. Bless the Mules’ hearts, though. They have pretty much spoiled us with all this winning they have done for the last few years, and now that they are rebuilding and not being quite so successful all the time, it is hard to get used to. I am quite sure they and their coaches are not too happy with the situation, either. I  look for things to change as the season progresses because I am sure they don’t like losing any better than their fans like watching them lose. Next week is Portales there, so keep the faith and let’s give them a chance to bring back the magic.