IMG_9134 On Friends Phoebe sang about Smelly Cat. Well, now we talk about  Stinky Dog, a.k.a. the Skunkanator.  Little Miss Destructo Dog   has confronted a skunk not once, or twice, but three times now, the last two within two weeks of each other, and I suspect she will attack  yet again when she gets the opportunity. That’s just what dogs with scent amnesia do. And spray is what skunks do. After all, what’s a little guy to do when confronted by a larger animal who seems to want to do  harm?   I fear the skunks win the confrontations, though,  as with each encounter the Skunkanator runs  home, tail tucked, head down, and she  rolls and rubs against everything in sight in a futile attempt to rid herself of the scent of eau de Pepe le Pew. You will notice I don’t have a picture to share of any of the unfortunate encounters. Thank goodness I didn’t have the camera handy and therefore wasn’t tempted to get close enough for a shot. Heck, I don’t much like to drink tomato juice, let alone take a bath in it.  I can report, however, that the old tomato juice rub-down followed by a Dawn detergent bath does help cut the smell. Not completely, mind you, but enough that Stinky Dog has been allowed back into the house. Time is about the only real remedy. A faint reminder lingers around her, but as you can see, she has reclaimed  her spot on the sofa. IMG_3627 Good girl, Mari.