We traveled to Wylie Stadium, near Abilene, last night to watch the Mules win another one, beating Breckenridge 14-0. In a game that started off with not only the national anthem but also the pledge of allegiance-a nice touch-while the flag waved beautifully  on the scoreboard video screen, we watched a game with few big plays, way too many penalties, an incredibly short first quarter and interminably long 4th quarter, and the lowest  score since I don’t know when. We have become pretty spoiled to high scores these past few years, so this score was not up to the Mules’ typically high standards. No one score the first quarter but early in the second quarter Isaac Baca managed to run one in and we made the PAT, for the score of 7-0. Later Eric Orozco scores on a pass and Saul Elizalde kicks again for 14-0, and that’s it. No touchdowns by either team in the second half, but boy, do they draw lots of flags. If I had known it was going to turn into a delay of game/offside marathon, I would have kept count. We even had two delay of game calls for letting the play clock run out, which we never do. The last minute and thirty seconds of the game were unusual in that Breckenridge kept possession of the ball and went back and forth from about the 20 to the 45 yard line by gaining first downs, losing ground to penalties, making it up again with decent plays or penalties against us, and repeating the pattern but never being able to score. And it took forever.  In the last seven seconds we managed to make them give up the ball, and the game was over, but it was not our best effort. Friday November 26, we play Wall at Seminole at 7:30. For this game the Mules won’t be coming off a bye week, which may have thrown off their rhythm with  Breckenridge, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time. That’s one of the intriguing things about football; on any given day anything can happen.