I don’t even know where to start with this one. Well, the score, I guess. Bushland 27; Muleshoe 20. Definitely not one of the Mules’ better efforts. It was painful and frustrating for us as fans; I can’t imagine how unpleasant it was for the players. This game broke the Mules’ regular season 30-game winning streak and gave Bushland their first win in four meetings with Muleshoe. It was a game of interceptions, turnovers, penalties, fumbles, and most of them were ours. In fact, it’s a wonder the score wasn’t even more lopsided in Bushland’s favor because we spent more time shooting ourselves in the foot than playing good football. Thanks to the third and fourth quarters, which were interminably long, this was a three-hour game, and then we had to drive home in two hours of gloom.
I took notes the whole game, but I can’t get very motivated to relate them to you. The first quarter ended with us behind 0-7. We scored early in the second quarter but missed the point after, so it was 6-7 in Bushland’s favor, a situation the Mules have seldom found themselves in. Then Bushland quickly makes it 6-14. We manage to score but miss the two-point conversion, so now we are still behind, 12-14. We finally score in the third quarter to put us ahead 20-14, but manage to lose the ball again and Bushland capitalizes on it, and the score is 20-21. Bushland has possession of the ball for most of the last 6 minutes of the fourth quarter and score again to make it 20-27. We show a ray of hope that we would march down the field with 1:43 left, but we blow that too with yet another interception, and the game is over.
It just seemed like Bushland wanted to win this one more than we did. This game was not indicative of the talent on Muleshoe’s team. So, don’t lose faith. Next week is homecoming against Slaton. Be there. They will need to know we are not fair-weather fans.