What’s a holiday without lots of drive-time? Ours started Wednesday with seven hours to Lake LBJ to break up the trip before going to Kyle on Thursday, which was a short hour and a half drive. But then Friday we managed to turn that hour and a half drive into a six hour scenic stroll back to the lake. Well, part of that was a stop at Cabela’s and two cactus nurseries. But that didn’t stop us; Colten and I then drove the short fifteen minutes back to Marble Falls that night to see “The Blind Side,” which turned out to be well worth the drive, as far as we were concerned, and I highly recommend it. We topped the whole thing off with the seven hours back to Muleshoe on Saturday. My bottom may never be the same.
But I have no cool stories to tell about the trip. Nothing out of the ordinary-food, family, football-the three main topics of Thanksgiving, and we were blessed with an abundance of all three. Life is good.