We were in the middle of a long line of red taillights streaming from Muleshoe to Friona and arrived thirty minutes before kickoff, and the stands were already full. We managed to find seats, but it was standing room only after that. I dutifully took notes throughout the game, but heck, the game came down to the last 2 minutes. By the end of the first quarter the Mules were behind 7-0, a new experience for them this year. Friona had the ball for more than six minutes that quarter, and we couldn’t seem to get things going. Early in the 2nd quarter Friona scored again, but 26 seconds later the Mules scored for the first time, so it is 14-7. Halfway into the 3rd quarter we finally scored again on a nice run, and it is 14-14. After that we got our first break with an interception which led to a touchdown, and the Mules were finally ahead 21-14. The 4th quarter was filled with major fourth down plays by the Mules’ defense, and then the Mules made one more touchdown with 2:53 on the clock. The score is now 28-14.
And this is when things got sticky. Friona completed an unexpected pass play and moved down field. The defense held them for two plays and a flag, but Friona still managed to score, so now it is 28-21 I think this is about the time that the clock stopped when it shouldn’t have for about 15 seconds, so Friona had the gift of 15 more seconds to work with. Friona, as expected, kicked an on-side kick and recovered it, much to our dismay, with 1:09 on the clock-and here is where 15 more seconds off the clock would have come in handy. It is then 4th and 17 for Friona with 49.9 on the clock. They pass; it’s complete. Seventeen seconds on the clock and here comes another pass, only this time it is knocked down. Then another pass knocked down, and another with 13.9 on the clock, another down, and the game is over, thank goodness! Final score: Mules 28, Friona 21.
At this time I am not sure of opponent or place of the upcoming playoff game; we think it will be River Road and play in Amarillo. But if you will check back tomorrow, I will have that information verified. And I will tell you a little tale of another big win over Friona that involves the Friona water tower.