Last night the Mules beat Lubbock Cooper 27-7. That extends the winning streak to 18. I asked my favorite armchair quarterback, my husband, for his impression of the game. He said, “It was David and Golaith. David took out his little football, slung it at Goliath, and killed him.” Muleshoe, of course, being David. Here is a school district with approximately 4,000 students enrolled- that’s almost as much as our entire’s town’s population! Muleshoe has about 1,400 students, which means that when you start looking for football prospects, they have just a tad more boys than we do from which to choose. And then there’s plain old size of the football player. The roster listed 13 Cooper Pirates at 200+ pounds and one at 305. We had a grand total of five 200-pounders and one at 305. Twenty of their players measure 6 feet and over; we have exactly half as many, but our tallest beats their tallest-6’5″ vs. 6’4″. I do know that football coaches have been known to perhaps stretch the truth a bit when listing height and weight in an effort to pysch out their opponent, but even if either side did that, there was no doubt we were outsized when both teams walked out on the field to warm up. And we could go on here and dwell on size comparison, but the bottom line is who does the most with what they have to work with.

I believe we did…

Next Friday Mule Mania will travel to neutral site Denver City to play Crane in another non-district game.

Go Mules!