Took a little trip to the Hill Country last week. Spring hits earlier there than here, and the usual photo op involves scores of wildflowers. Blue bonnets were in attendance, but it was the fifty shades of green that had me making predictably unsafe stops along the highway trying to capture and document them all. And this is one of my very favorite shots. IMG_4718
Green was everywhere, and I was seduced at every turn with yet another shade, another stunning masterpiece of color that would be fresh, bright, and lovely today, only to turn to darker, more mature greens tomorrow. The first colors of Spring don’t last long, you know; I guess that’s why it is such a precious season of the year. IMG_4760
These alpacas were just too cute to pass up, and they also had a nice green pasture, so I had to stop and take their picture.
Robert Frost knew of what he spoke; nature’s first green truly is gold. And it is definitely fleeting. I hope you haven’t missed it.