The Dimmitt Bobcats came to town and the Mules came to the game with pink feet in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. Those pink feet carried the Mules to victory to the tune of 48 to 7. I was banished to the house and not allowed to watch the game in person since I had a very pink throat with a cough to match. And it was our coldest weather for a game to date, our thermometer registering about 36-38 degrees by the end of the game. So my report is based on the play-by-play I heard on the computer. I took notes the whole game and wished I was there. The game started with Dimmitt receiving, but we managed to intercept the ball on their second play of the game and made it all the way to the one yard line, but were unable to score. Then when Dimmitt gets the ball they manage to eat up lots of clock with five first downs until Ray Martinez intercepts. We make three first downs but can’t score before the first quarter is over. But quickly into the second quarter Matt Barron makes a 39-yard pass into a touchdown, Nacho Elizalde makes a point after, and the score is Mules 7, Dimmitt 0 with 11:31 on the clock. When Dimmitt gets the ball Tony Molina makes some good defensive plays, there are some penalties, and then I have a technical difficulty with the computer. The Mules’ defense goes on to hold the Bobcats and get the ball back. Junior Baca runs for 25 yards, quarterback Caleb Wood makes some yards but then throws an interception and Dimmitt is in possession again. It is during this possession that Tony Molina goes down and out for the rest of the game. The defense continues to hold and the Bobcats have to punt, which is caught by Ray Martinez, who decides to just run it back 78 yards for a touchdown. So with the PAT, the score is now 14-0, Mules, with 2:44 on the clock. Dimmitt has one more possession, we have one more possession and can’t get in for the touchdown, so Elizalde tries and misses a 32-yard field goal, and the the quarter ends. The third quarter begins with Dimmitt’s attempted onside kick, which is unsuccessful. We then march right down the field and Joel Regalado scores. Mules 21, Dimmitt 0 with 9:33 on the clock.This is followed by Dimmitt marching down the field with seven, if I counted correctly, first downs, several flags with extended discussions by the officials, a called-back Dimmitt touchdown and finally a good Dimmitt touchdown and point after, and the score is 21-7, Mules. At this point Dimmitt has actually had possession of the ball more than Muleshoe, about seven minutes, but the score does not reflect that. And before the quarter is over, the Mules manage to take it in again with Wood scoring with 1:27 to go. The score is now Mules 28, Dimmitt 7. The fourth quarter starts with Dimmitt having to give up the ball on fourth down, and in two quick first downs Austin Ross catches a touchdown pass, and the score is 35-7. After the kick-off to Dimmitt, they fumble, and we recover and make another touchdown, by I don’t know who makes it due to technical difficulties again. Dimmitt has to punt after one drive, and Saul Sanchez goes in to quarterback the Mules the rest of the game. And at this point there is another phantom touchdown and good extra point, another possession each by both teams, a good QB sack near the end by Ramon Mendoza, and the game is over; Mules 48, Dimmitt 7. The next game is the road trip, and I do mean road trip, to Childress. The Mules now stand at 7-1 overall, and 3-0 in district.  Childress has a neat and pretty WPA-Depression ear-built stadium and the luxury of a concession stand on both sides of the field. What a deal! Be there. Mule Mania will getcha!