The sand and wind blew obnoxiously all day, and by the time the sun went down, everyone was hunkered down in the obnoxiously  cold wind. But the Mules persevered and had a much better showing than last week, beating the Portales Rams rather soundly, 64-0. Right off the bat Joel Regalado scores with 9:16 on the clock and the two point conversion is good. The Mules lead 8-0. On the next play after the kickoff, Chris Cage intercepts a pass which is followed by a holding penalty against us which is followed by another penalty, followed by a touchdown by Saul Sanchez with 5:24 on the clock. The two point conversion fails and the score is 14-0, Muleshoe. Portales can’t move the ball on their possession, but we can, and Jr. Baca scores with 1:41 on the clock and we make the two point conversion; the score now is 22-0. The second quarter is all Muleshoe: touchdowns by Wood, Barron, Baca, all with good  point-after-kicks by Nacho Elizalde, and the score is 50-0. The third quarter is all Muleshoe again, with touchdowns by Regalado and Wood, PATs by Elizalde,  making the score 64-0. By the fourth quarter  it looks like the Mules have the game well in hand, the cold wind is also winning, and the home stands are beginning to empty. Austin Ross replaces Wood as quarterback. Portales manages to make their only first downs, three, but it’s too little too late. Chris Cage intercepts a Portales Hail Mary pass, and that’s all she wrote. Final score: Mules 64, Portales 0. Next week the Levelland Lobos come to town. The pre-game meal will be chilidogs. Come hungry and watch the Mules win.