I’m afraid I have to admit we were what Aggies disdainfully label a two-percenter last night, you know, someone who only gives 2% in effort and loyalty to their team,  and did not attend the Muleshoe-Portales football game. So I will give credit to Dave Wagner who covered the game for  the Clovis News-Journal for the information I will summarize for you about the game. Senior quarterback Beau Avila threw for three touchdowns and ran for the other one, all in the first half, which was enough to win the game. It seems the Mules also had four turnovers in this game, three less than last week, so that may be something they need to work on. Even though the second half saw Portales rally and score their points, the Mules’ lead  provided an opportunity for  several Mules’ backup players to go in and get some experience, which is always a good thing. Next week is Homecoming against Andrews here. I will be at that game-not that it will make my report any better!-but at least I will see first hand what transpires and will lose the dreaded two-percenter label.