Another great night for football; another win for the Mules. I traveled to the far side of Lubbock all by myself, as Bill had to be gone, and Colten  went with one of his friends-imagine that, a 17-year old choosing a 17-year old friend over his grandmother! But it gave me a chance to explore heretofore, for me, uncharted territory. The drive was pleasant, and the game was a good opener to district play, and I even got in for free, being 65 and all. Thank goodness there are a few perks to falling into the dreaded Senior Citizen  category! Why can’t they just call us what we are- old people. But I digress. After a nice visit with a former student as I walked into the stadium and wondering about two shiny silver objects hovering quietly over the cotton fields, Roosevelt missed a field goal, and we answered with a touchdown, and the fast first quarter ended with the score 7-0. The second quarter started with a Roosevelt touchdown but a failed two-point conversion, and we came back to fumble, recover, and scored with a failed PAT, so the score was 13-6. Roosevelt almost scored on their next possession but we managed to intercept a pass and stopped that. Then we couldn’t score and punted, and Beau ended the half with another interception. The Mules made a 70-yard drive with a short pass to Adelaido Godeniz for the score and extra point, which made the score 20-6 about four minutes into the third quarter. Roosevelt got the ball but had to punt back to us pretty quickly, and after some nice quick ten-yards-at-a-time first downs, we finally scored, so now the score  was 26-6. The fourth quarter saw more of both teams giving up the ball. Beau threw an interception that Roosevelt managed to turn into a touchdown and extra point, so the score was 26-13. Roosevelt tried and captured their own onside kick but followed that with an intercepted pass, after which we fumbled. Caleb Wood finished the game at QB, and the final score was 26-13. Beau Avila had a good night with a career high of 121 yards rushing, according the the Clovis News Journal, along with 162 yards passing and two touchdowns. I enjoyed this game and found myself watching the blinking red lights of wind turbines and the lights of the  flat Lubbock skyline marking the horizon  behind the home stands. Next week Bushland comes to town. Stay tuned. Go Mules!