Road trips take a while, you know, so when we rolled into the drive-way at 12:55 a.m. last night, or early this morning, I should say, I decided the blog could wait until this morning. And then I had an early errand that had to be run, so I am just now sitting down to tell you that the Mules beat Andrews 49-19 in Andrews last night.
The evening started off nicely as we had the road to ourselves since we left Muleshoe early so we could eat steak fingers at Buddy’s Drive-In, a little joint known for their heaping plates of really crispy chicken-fried steak fingers. Not surprisingly, other Muleshoe fans had left earlier than we had because the place was already full of black and white T-shirts when we arrived.
But on to the game. Andrews surprised the Mules with an on-side kick and got the ball, but only managed a field goal out of the possession. On our first possession we threw an interception which they managed to turn into another field goal, but our defense did keep them from the touchdown. It was six minutes into the game before we even made a first down, which was a little scary. The first quarter ends with us behind by six points.
We lose five yard for delay of game and then they give it back to us when they lose five for being offside. Then we trade interceptions but finally mange to score, and it is now  Mules 7- Andrews 6. But then they take a long pass and run it in for a touchdown; Mules 7-Andrews 13. Just to make sure the officials get their exercise we go back down the field and score our own touchdown; Mules 14-Andrews 13. We hold them from scoring again, but  quarterback Cooper Washington throws a long pass that is intercepted again. But we get the ball back and Ryan DeLeon scores on a strange pass right before the half; Mules 20-Andrews 13.
We made another touchdown early in the third quarter, and then another; 35-13. Beau Avila quarterbacks for a while.
When we punt early in the fourth quarter, we realize that it is our first punt of the night and the Mules have a momentary lapse and let the Mustangs slip one in our us, but we stop their two-point conversion attempt, so now the score is 35-19. Isaac Baca runs in another touchdown, 42-19. The ball changes hands a few more times, we score again, 49-19, and after the Mustangs miss a touchdown with an incomplete pass, we take possession with 1:49 left and basically let the clock run out.
An interesting side-note: a scout from Texas A&M University sat and visited with us during the game. He was there to check out Cooper Washington, not knowing that Cooper has pretty much made up his mind to play for Oklahoma, but he was also impressed with others on the team. And why not? The Mules are a talented bunch.
Next week the Mules have an open date, but September 24th district play begins against Lubbock Roosevelt in Muleshoe. Should be a good game. And no two-hour road trip needed to enjoy this one.