My daughter Caroline found a time when we were out of the house and snuck in a huge box, nicely wrapped, and tucked it under the Christmas tree. Well, tucked might be a stretch; it was so big she just sort of set it down beside the tree. She told me I was going to really like it, that it was something I had wished for while talking to her boy friend, Neil. So two days before Christmas I get to open it early since we are going to our son’s house for Christmas, and this box would have taken up all the room in the vehicle.
Now I don’t know what kind of fancy, soft and silky, or high tech things you might like to get for presents, but I couldn’t have been more pleased when I open it up to find a perfect buffalo skull for my cactus garden. It’s beautiful! Clean and smooth, all parts in tact, treated for protection from the weather; in fact, too perfect to put outside. And what if a dog carried it off, or someone else decided they wanted it? But Caroline and Neil didn’t have any problem with it going outside; after all, that is why they gave it to me.
So when springtime comes, I will be having a great time preparing a special place for the skull. And I’ll bet you thought your Christmas present was unique…ha!