Was it just a mere week ago that we had dust, dirt, and 50 mph winds? Yes, it was. Yesterday the temperature made it all the way to 69 sunny pleasant degrees. But today, January 28th, I am looking out the window at ice-encrusted tree limbs bouncing in the wind, white ground, white everywhere, and snow coming down. An hour ago it was raining and icing everything over. Minnie the cat was very local  telling me she was the only one of our six cats not inside. Apparently her heat lamp basket in the garage just wasn’t good enough. I gave in. She is snuggled down and  content in a dining room chair. Peaches is curled up in her basket on the computer printer; Kitty is in one of the clothes baskets; Sophie is curled up in a corner against the wall; Perla and Little Cat are sleeping undisturbed in the heated barn. Mari is inside at Colten’s house with Colten, since school was called off-after all the kids showed up only to be sent home. Bill succumbed to the bed monster and is warm and toasty back in bed. Snow day it is.